Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Malacca Getaway

No matter how many times we go to Malacca, there is always something to do. 

Despite our regular brief weekends or short getaways there, we still can't cover everything in one visit. And we're not ashamed in repeating or revisiting places in Malacca too!

Upon checking into Estadia, our chosen accommodation for the brief weekend, golek-golek atas katil dulu jap then off to dinner. Will share a bit more info on the hotel in a bit.

For dinner, mestilar gi makan seafood kat Parameswara, Umbai.

Lovely evening...Slow breeze, almost sunset, the mood was set for some lovey dovey dinner sesh and seeing your other half stuffing his/her face with awesome seafood. Biler dah kahwin memang masing-masing makan tak control. Masa dating everything was eaten in dainty bites. Control macho/cantik. Now if mulut penuh with bits of sauce dribbling near your lips also no hal! Hahah!

Apologies for the blurry picture.

 This was the best Sweet & Sour Pepahat I've ever had. I don't regularly take pepahat, but entah malam tu ada mood to eat them. Felt like having something different. Pepahat is also known as bamboo clam. For Europeans, it's a smaller version of the razor clam. Not sure if you guys eat razor clams so I can't say for sure whether they're exactly the same.

We had a grand time stuffing our faces with these babies! Must have sotong goreng tepung!!! Always!!!

Ok, so right after dinner, we got back to the hotel. Estadia is basically owned by the Hatten Group and the hotel adjoins the Hatten hotel. Due to last minute bookings and knowing we won't be spending too much time in the room, we decided on Estadia. Not too bad I must say. A bit leceh to masuk though but so convenient due to the location being next to Mahkota Parade and our favourite Assam Pedas place is just 10-15 minutes walk away.

Takkan nak tido terus after stuffing our faces? Mesti jalan-jalan to burn some of the calories. Hmphh, tak jalan lama sangat pun. Masing-masing dah nak golek atas katil sebab kenyang sangat.

How cute is this huge None slippers.

Breakfast was included in our package. Not too bad lar the fare. Tak banyak tapi just nice. I would definitely recommend for those who are coming for a short stay or kalau family kahwin and nak longgok all family members in one place, Estadia is THE place.

Instant love I tell you. Their tiffins are so cute. They were arranged as part of the deco at the entrance of their restaurant. 

Malu nak tanya if they jual or not. I think they do tapi at hotel price lar.

See the paintings hanging on the left side of the wall? My initial intention for this trip was to find a nice painting or picture for our home. Ala-ala sketch look of Melaka tapi misi gagal. Hmpph...

This is the lobby of the hotel by the way. Love how spacious it is despite the compact and almost confined size of the hotel.

This was part of the deco near the stairs heading to their shop. Tak gi pun. Again, I love the hotel's local touches to their decor. Nostalgic and proud of their heritage.

Pagi tu lepas breakfast, terus gi ke bandar. Memang nak gi Muzium Tan Cheng Ho. Lar, betul-betul tepi Hard Rock. Selalu passed by tapi tak pernah gi.

One of the wells in the muzium. Air still bersih and cool.

 If you get the chance, try to find three of the wells in it. All of them are in the building. 

A miniature model of a Chinese trading ship.

The second well. 

A miniature of the ships. 

Seriously, it's kinda hard to imagine Melaka crowded with those ships. So many!

The is the third well. We actually missed it. We had to retraced our steps to locate it.

We both enjoyed our visit there. Hubs bought a replica of an old drawn map. The plan is to frame it and hang it in the library.

One unsettling thing during our visit to the museum was the lack of respect by the Chinese (Mainlanders) tourists. Main-main ketuk gendang, gamelan and playing with the exhibits selamber dawg ajer. I got annoyed. Hubs was already giving me the "Just ignore" look. Frust!

 Orang tukang jaga pun dah lama fed up but since it's a source of income terpaksa terima ajer. Bayangkan, drum stick untuk gendang or bits of pasu pun boleh they bawak balik. WTF! Please lar, dah visit people's country give the proper respect. 

5 mins walk away, what better way to fight the heat than by having a bowl of nice cendol. Before anyone asks "Why tak makan ngan durian?", well sebab earlier that week we just had durians so both of us nak simple cendol sans the durian. Perut pun still penuh from breakfast. Mata ajer kempunan nak rasa. Still yummy babes! Tengok how pekat and dark the gula melaka.

Before going back to the hotel, we jalan-jalan then gi makan assam pedas before checking out. Like I said, memang brief visit ajer. Sajer nak keluar KL and jalan-jalan makan and lepak bersama. 

Til' our next visit to Melaka.

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