Friday, 30 September 2011

O.M.G ! ! ! Coming Soooon!!!

Garrett's??? Candylicious??? For those avid sweet tooths out may want to rub your hands together in anticipation * rub hands like Dr Eviilll*...cos' Garrett's gourmet popcorn and Candylicious are finally coming over to our Malaysian shores...specifically to KLCC...YAAAAYYYY!!!!

I am soooo in love with Garrett's Chicago Mix...and of course, you really do become "the crazy lady with the bucket loads of candy" in Candylicious. All this will be opening at KLCC Concourse level, opposite Haagen Dazs, near Sephora.

I remember our last visit to both stores last July almost made us 'pokai' during our Singapore trip. We definitely had an awesome time posing with our purchases and the colourful candy background...only later did we realise that pictures are not allowed to be taken in the store...whoopsies...

So, Garrett's, Candylicious...I hope you'd send me and Aimi a special invitation to your launch. Come, come, Cepat, Cepat!!!