Monday, 2 April 2012

Dream interpreter needed

My dreams have been centered on fires lately...all in all it has been four times, once almost every week.The first time I dreamt the house was on fire of which I immediately texted my father, bros and sis the next morning with a message to make sure all electricity are switched off when they're out of the house to reduce any risks of electrical malfunctions. Remember, I have my precious kitties in the house....can't imagine anything untoward happen to them while I'm at work.

Last few ones are either me being surrounded by fire and trying to save my cats from it, my sister and I being surrounded by burning laundry and lastly, I alone being surrounded by fire.

I checked online on what my dreams could mean....well, all kind of answers popped-up but none which truly convinced me...

Anybody out there care to interpret?

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