Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Doc's Review 12 June 2012

Today was the day I had my doctor's review and an MRI to see how the PRP had panned out.

Alhamdulillah, it was a good one. My ankle has healed well though not completely. Now is the time for intensive healing. Intensive physiotherapy, no jumping and excessive movements or exercises, recommended to take up swimming and cycling in the gym. For now, I am to continue wearing the ankle support and gradually walk without the cane...WITH CARE. Doc gave a time range of roughly another 3 months whereby he foresees I'll be able to walk without one...and till end year whereby I can be fully confident in walking again. To achieve 100% will take a longer time.

While delivering the results, Doc did manage to scare me at one point by stating that the healing time for people is very much subjective and varies from one another. Bear in mind that I injured my ankle which is a weight-bearing area. Some with similar cases of severe tears to the ligaments to weight bearing areas never recovered fully and are still dependant on a cane to walk. 

Sileeenceeeee....chirp..chirp...chirppp...("EFFIN HELL! I DON"T WANT THAT!)

"What should I do? I do some of the exercises taught at home and attend physio once a week. I know I'm supposed to go for physio three times a week but I can't afford to take too much time-off from work"

"Continue with your exercises at home, go for your physio, lose weight and all the more you should invest in a good bike and put it in front of the TV. Best of all, this is a good time to take up swimming. It can facilitate the healing process."

Okay,I've googled for nearby swimming classes but nothing credible turned up. Any recommendations peeps? Preferably one that can fit with my weekday schedule and nearby to my workplace or kota damansara? And one that is not too costly?

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