Sunday, 6 October 2013


My sentiments exactly...
Have a great Sunday people!


  1. Salam, some words of caution, you getting nikah and sanding anakanda - cut the kmakan- makan ooh! Serious, you want a whole album of `My Most Memorable Day of Our Lives' in the various styles and traditions - the svelte and slim nymph when I last saw you in 2006.
    Lepas that and the bertandang - you can pile back again, how's that.
    Try cut the carbo, babe. Read Yahoo tips for the hair skin and the `veges and fruits yogurt goo' by Jamie O and others.
    Love the `tunang' shoots and looking forward to the Inshaallah, if I panjang Umur you two's `this one for keeps, it is!'
    As I was driving back after sending Azza off to Ipoh with his friend's car, I heard the song `Because you Love Me!' Celine Dion's is it. Tak tau! But among my Favourites.
    So grab all the Happy cheery and Merry times you can have. I like 16 year old Lorde's eyes! Reminds me of yours!

    1. Thanks for the reminder Aunty Ngah. OMG...yes, been trying very hard to lose the kgs. Quite easily pile them with my "eat when stressed" habit. Siap puasa lagi untuk ganti puasa, detox and lose weight. Definitely will be getting spanx to help me have that slimming effect on my day. I still have some time left to puasa and cut down. Hopefully can lose sumore kgs by my big day.