Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Rant #2: If you don't have anything constructive to say, just zip it!

I don't like to rant on my blog but this time round I just have to let it out.

I'm in my final stages of recovery. Insyaallah, my MRI is scheduled end of this month to see whether the PRP treatments were a success and my ligaments are finally connected again.

When out shopping for groceries or on dates with Boyfie, I get tired easily. My foot would ache a lot even after a short distance. My movements are limited. I miss my circuit exercises. I miss traveling. I miss doing a lot of things I used to take for granted. Despite all that, Alhamdulillah, I am walking steadily and the Doc had advised me to be patient and confirmed my progress is remarkably good. From my last visit, he admitted he was truly worried as my injury was truly severe. I am thankful that the swelling is not as much as the initial stages. I hope I will recover soonest possible and wear sexy shoes and go to the gym again.

At work, I try to limit my movements. I walk with a cane. I still "enjoy" the allocated parking thanks to my Doc's letter to my organisation. What upsets me these days is on how strangers and even some colleagues of mine would give idiotic comments on the pretense they actually give a damn!

" Eh, still on a cane??? Lamaaanyeeerrr!" (Yes, you saying that helps a lot. JERKK!!!)

" Why soooo loooooooooooonggg?" ( Yes, I LOVVVEEE using the cane to help me walk. IDIOT!!)

" You look like you're taking the cane for a walk" (I would have taken that comment as a compliment/ an encouraging statement if not for the stupid look you gave me)

" Just force yourself...I'm sure it's ok" (Yeah? Since when did you get your Medical Degree or become a physiotherapist? I've spent time and money on treatments and recovering, and you want me to trust your TWO CENTS???!!!)

People...PLEASEE!!!I am faring well. I AM DOING GREAT! May I suggest that the next time you see me, if you truly care for me, just wish me well and buzz off! I don't need your stupid and idiotic comments. I already have a doctor. I tore five ligaments and opted for live cell injections to limit my medical leave. If I had opted for an operation, I would have been on MC for 7 whole months excluding recovery time.

Besides, whether I am on a cane etc does not concern you. I don't block your walkways, I don't owe you anything, my work is completed on time. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO GIVE STUPID COMMENTS WHICH IN NO WAY LESSEN MY WORRIES! I am the one in pain, not you! It's my ankle, not yours!!! Stop being so nosy! Imagine colleagues within the organisation of more than 2000++ people, whom I do not even know, everyday in the lift, or on the way to the canteen, or cafe, or the parking lot, one way or another will make stupid comments. EVERYDAY I will have to smile through and be civil. Well, NO MORE!

If any of you make any kind of stupid remarks tomorrow, WATCH OUT!



  1. Takper..wait till they get into a similar situation..dunia ni berpusing.Such people show their stupidity and lack of manners.Allah mendengar dan memerhati.

  2. Hi, l came to ur blog from Jovian's fb. I can totally relate ur situation with mine. People can bluntly ask silly questions that are hurtful. Who likes, but I think we must have the skill to answer them back. Don't ever let the stupidity of others affect your day negatively. Wish you all the best and hope you will be in good shape of health soon :-)

  3. Oh...through Jovian's fb??? Oh my gawd...must thank him! Thanks for coming in and commenting. Yes, I may be cynical of this but I find that it is in people's nature to try and demean you if they have the opportunity. Either that or they suffer sum sort of inferiority complex...

    Thank you for your support of me in getting well soon...

    Take care...XOXO