Thursday, 1 November 2012

First impressions...

Today was my first trip to the Kuala Lumpur Sports Medical Centre. It's way time for me to do something to speed up my recovery. Hopefully, by end year, I can wear heels again.

To enjoy their physio services and facilities, I must first go through an assessment by my doc.

Up on the stretching board....

Moi' : Doc, I must tell you I fail on the stretching board. Somehow I just can't straighten my back...
Doc: It's ok. I just wanna see how you're like on the board
Moi': Ooo...kaaayyy... but excuse my tonggekness...
Doc :'re so tight
Moi' : (Looking at my back)... Yeah, I know
Doc : I'm talking about that...(finger point to my feet)...not that ( finger pointing to my tonggek bit)...
Moi': -________-

Surrounded by doc, nurses and physio attendant's laughter.

In my defense, I was actually looking at my calves.


  1. hehehe..kelakar betul!

    Ma doa you recover cepat2 and get to enjoy your high heels again..Ameen.

  2. Babe,your entry made my Friday already.. :)But, what happened to you actually? I think I've missed the whole story. -Madihah

    1. Last November I fell and suffered multi-tears to the ligaments. Now, though the ligaments have reconnected, I am still dependent on the cane. Trying out a new place for physio.