Friday, 14 June 2013


Hurrah!!! On a May Saturday morning, I got engaged to my long term Boyfie. After 8 long years, we're finally one step away from akad. Of course many processes in between to sort out e.g. forms to be submitted, book imam etc.

Here's a link highlighting my engagement ceremony courtesy of EDM Events and Photography. Photos were taken by Yusry from EDM as well. It was a pleasure working with him.

My dais/ pelamin was set up by Chenta Weddings. My hantaran and bouquet were also done by them. They did very well.

For doorgifts, my sisters and brother baked and packed homemade cookies for my guests (supervised by my dear mum). Orange almond chocolate chip cookies...Omnomnom... Those interested to order, please visit catering bakegoods for small parties. She actually baked my hantaran cake for Boyfie...chocolate mousse cake with white fondant.

For catering, I had Nurul Izzah Catering.The food was good. Unfortunately the service was rather lacking. I am still awaiting a certain sum of refund to compensate for their... uh-hmmm..."service". All bride-to-be's, be forewarned and make sure you demand some form of compensation where you find lacking. I know some of you may think "No point lar, event ruined/marred by them not doing their job bla bla bla...", I'd say pshhh, get something back for all the hell they put you through at the last minute. Lambat tho...sheeshhh...that's the other reason why I am a bit late in writing up this post. I was hoping by the time I get by to writing up this piece, I can commend them on their professionalism in taking responsibility where they were lacking. I'll update soon on the refund.

Eitherway, Alhamdulillah, all went well. The event was beautiful. Insyaallah, I can pull even more effort for my wedding...


  1. cantik gambo beb..nice make-up..alhamdullillah...adatla ..dlm 1 majlis pasti ada kenangan pahitnya..for experience...harap byk2 bersabar utk tempuh alam pertunangan..darah manis + byk cabaran!!best of luck!

    1. Thank you Ita...terima kasih jugak for your pesanan.

  2. congrats dear. hopefully the wedding will go well.