Friday, 31 January 2014


I was all geared up to do some major house cleaning. Then husbie said he was hungry. So I kenalah hiburkan hati suami tercinta and go out for dinner. No plans to cook tonight cos' too many things to do.
I definitely did not wear what one should for a romantic dinner. Thought we'd just go to the nearby mamaks or warungs.

He then made a left turn to the highway whilst all the while informing me that we will be having dinner in PD.

"Yang, jangan...I tak pack aper-aper"
"Hehehe...tak kisah...nak gi pd jugak"
"Nooooo...tak tipu. It's a surprise"
"You're lying.  Kita pergi Setia City Mall kan?"
" We've passed that turning"
" (Silence)...Setia City Mall"
" I told you. Dah lepas dah. Setia City Mall kat belakang tu"
" Setia City Mall"

At this point, husbie starts ignoring me, knowing that I can't stand surprises.

Don't get me wrong. Husbie's surprises have been sweet thus far but I just can't stand not knowing.

Tadaaaa...we're here...

We had a lovely evening. He remembered how I've been craving for crabs these past few days. Loved it.
Hehe...happy yer...berjaya surprisekan wifey?
Must take picture...
Some random stranger promoting kedai ikan bakar Muara

Fresh pickings
Gold mine!

Ketam masak pedas...damn sedaps
Ikan pari masak pedas jugak
Fried squid
Kailan with oyster sauce

Enjoying the pretty subhanallah

Muka husbie kenyang 
Muka wifey kenyang and happy

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