Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bali-Moon, Day 2- The tourist trail

It was drizzling the following morning. So we took our time having our breakfast, overlooking the paddy fields accompanied by the sound of rain and gamelan music from the nearby pura. We even managed to take a swim when the rain stopped for a short time. We never felt so blissfully happy like we did that morning.

Before we went on with our day, we dropped by the nearby Canggu beach. It's just 10 minutes walk from our villa. Mind you, the beach is better suited for surfers, definitely not for swimming.

Itinerary of Day 2:
Canggu beach- Pura Desa Batuan Gianyar- Lunch at Bebek Sawah, Ubud - Goa Gajah - Pura Tirta Empul- Gunung Batur, Kintamani - Tegallalang- Leggong Dance at the Ubud Palace- Dinner in Ubud

Some Do's from Day 2:
Do go over your tourist trail with your local supir. He will be able to advise you on the best route to take and you can make the necessary adjustments for a no-fuss no-stress holiday. In my case, we covered those that was within our travel list and asked Pak Yoda to bring us to the those sites which are on the way as well.

Canggu beach
Pura Desa Batuan Gianyar

Soothing gamelan music with light rain drizzling over the manicured lawns of Pura Gianyar added to Bali's mystique and appreciation for their culture

Makan time!
Husbie's fave...BEBEK goreng!
The view from our table...private paddy fields are common in restaurants and spas...and it's a working paddy field to boot...nothing goes to waste and not all original landscapes are destroyed in the name of development

Cayok...cliche' touristy pose
At the entrance of Goa Gajah...one of the trimurti statues
Goa Gajah...an momentous archaeological find for the Balinese...

Pura Tirta Empul
The yellow cloth tied to the waist signifies the need for humans to curb their desires and wants and to focus solely on their prayers

Gunung Batur...the scenery was astounding...unfortunately we were eager to leave as the street vendors were very aggressive in trying to get you to buy what they were peddling...
Take a deep breath...of fresh air

And pose...
Legend has it...

Tegallalang...I actually fell here in one of the bushes...no, not golek golek on every paddy tier...but just slipped...luckily I did not twist my ankle in anyway...just got up and laughed about it

At Ubud Palace...excuse the grainy picture please

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