Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bridal shots: A brief review of my wedding photographer- Awanblu

For Valentine's day, I spent most of my day going through my edited wedding photos in three sets of DVDs.Why? To get the mood on I suppose... In the evening, tried my hardest to play along and not laugh at my husband's efforts to throw me off his Valentine's surprise. Of course it worked. I mean I knew he had arranged for something special, as he is a romantic after all, but I didn't know what was arranged.

Back to the DVDs and the photos. Going through the moments captured by lens made me almost nostalgic. The pictures are all amazing and somehow Awanblu managed to let me and my husbie relive those moments again.

The team members are very much professional and easy-going. My little flower-girls had fun playing with one of the cameraman too. The quality of their work speaks for itself. My husbie and I hired Awanblu for all our ceremonies, including for our wedding videographies, and we are very much happy with their work. A definite recommendation for all bride-to-be's and wedding couples tying up the knot soon!

Behold...some of my favourite shots!

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