Monday, 11 August 2014

From open houses, husbie's B-day to Supermoon

Celebrate good times, come on ! (Kool & The Gang).


Our awesome Sunday began at 12 a.m. by wishing my husbie an awesome XX (age cannot be mentioned here due to certain reasons...heheh) birthday and many happy years together ahead. 
During the day, we spent our time visiting friends at raya open houses and running some household-related chores.

In the evening, we went home to his parents' to celebrate his birthday. My MIL cooked home-made nasi arab and bought a cake. My bro-in-law had to light three sticks of matches to light all the candles. Lesson time just buy one of those "numbered" candles.

Husbie was totally ecstatic with his family's birthday present. He has been wanting to own a Tumi for a while now. So to get one on his birthday was icing on the cake.

By the by, totally didn't realise the Supermoon was last night. Saw it but thought it was just one of those beautiful nights.

By the by, I've decided babies are the best accessories...EVER!

The shoes I would have worn if not for the heavy rain yesterday...
Besarnyer kotak...i rasa kasut dalam tu... :p
Husbie posing with his new birthday present

Acara Penyampaian Hadiah in the School of MNM
I see more candles than cake... (sajer nak bully husbie)
Don't blow away the cake sayang!
Husbie and friends...masing-masing ASAS boys makin empuk...little Zach siap test lagi

Took time to go shop for fruits...asyik rendang and all the fatty stuff takleh jugak...

Lovin' the green grapes

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