Monday, 18 January 2016

Filipino and Handicraft Market- Kota Kinabalu

First stop, the Filipino Market.

The Filipino Market is situated right opposite Le Meridien. It's basically a long stretch of stalls by the riverfront, beginning with stalls selling snacks and fruits, then tents for the night market, with those selling handicrafts and souvenirs in the middle and dried seafood at the other end.

From T-shirts, beads, bangles, weaved baskets to keychains, you can find all sort of interesting things to bring back home either for yourself or your loved ones. 

Of course the most popular and sought after item would be pearls if you're travelling to KK. They look ok if you want to buy them here. Another option and one place I was recommended to buy pearls is this particular shop not far off from our hotel specialising in pearls call Jamilah, I think. I can't exactly recall the name of the shop. 

Above are some beaded bangles displayed for sale. Aren't they colourful?

These were bangles designed using the inner part of shells.

We bought some of those colourful bangles from this Mak Cik. One important thing here is to bargain, bargain and bargain.

Look at dem' pearls.

Again, housewares using the seashells as part of their design. Not sure what they're called.

Saw these before in Sarawak. They sold them here in Sabah as well. A species only available in East Malaysia I guess. Kayu Tas is supposedly used to ward off wild animals. Those whom are more familiar with them use it to domesticate their pets but I wouldn't dare try using it on any of mine. If you hit your animal wrongly with it, it will die or get seriously sick before eventually dying.

Here we surveyed for dried seafood to bring back home. It was still our first day in KK and it was a good time as any to do some surveying before deciding to bring some back home. 

Look at all those ikan bilis! Already fried some of those Grade A ikan bilis we brought home and the Hubs couldn't stop munching on them. I, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of it to go with my warm porridge and jeruk for breakie or emergency lunch.

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