Friday, 22 January 2016

Seafood at Sri Selera KK

In KK, choices for seafood are aplenty.

We were recommended a few including Welcome Seafood but we opted for the one where a local mentioned there would be more choices and that is Selera KK. Selera KK is just 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel. There you will a find a few restaurants all located under one roof i.e. a giant foodcourt where the locals refer to as Selera KK. 

For two nights straight we dined in Selera KK at the restaurant of our choosing and didn't even bother going elsewhere. Service was excellent and the food was great!

Seriously, I think this lobster was keen at continuing our staring contest!

There were plenty of sea creatures where most I've never seen or attempted to eat. However, at the risk of posting too many pictures for this post, I am only posting those that I ate as well as other interesting ones.

Above is a mantis shrimp. 

This differs from a boxing prawn. Though they look similar, boxing prawns are smaller, have a thinner shell and they have those blade-like hind legs. When we chose the boxing prawn, we saw that the boxing prawns were kept separately in individual plastic bottles to avoid them slicing each other or the hands of the restaurant workers.

The lobster we chose for dinner.

Mmmmm...what to do with this lobster?

Cook it in butter sauce of course.

To go with our lobster, we opted for kailan garlic to complement our dish.

And here's a picture of our fried butter garlic boxing prawn.

Comparatively, seafood is cheaper than Semenanjung. However, I've heard that if compared to Sarawak, it might be cheaper there. Not so sure about that. Nonetheless, a testament to us enjoying and being satisfied with the fare in Sabah by having dinner at the same place two nights a row speaks for itself.

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