Sunday, 10 April 2016

Pablo, the neighbourhood cat that eats anything

Started off my morning by chatting with my neighbour.

He was stroking Pablo, his cat, who was busy rolling about on the ground and contently purring away with all the attention.

"He looks happy"


"By the way, Kakak (in reference to his wife) was right. He would come over so long there's food. Even if he just ate he will come over and eat some more. The other day I had to shoo him away when I was putting out dog food for the strays."

"Hahah...kan? He will eat anything. Hiro ada muntah situ (point to one specific area) and he (pointing to Pablo) dok makan muntah Hiro"

-______-" (Haiyooooh Pablo)

To end the conversation, Pablo looked at me to somehow proudly verify that what his owner was relaying to me was indeed TRUE.


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