Friday, 25 October 2013

My very own psychedelic therapeutic session

As part of the wedding preparations as well as to save some moolah, I made the decision to pack the doorgifts myself. Just started on the kids' doorgifts...insya allah soon will start on the adults' doorgifts.
Packing the doorgifts does have a therapeutic effect after a while. While watching tv, the exercise doesn't seem to be too tiresome.
Just have to make sure none of the sweet stuff enters my mouth instead of the cute mini bags... :)...I MUST, I MUST MAINTAIN MY HAWTNESSS...(Hahah)

1 comment:

  1. Salam, anakanda wah banyaknya your DIY.. Read (tak abis) smwhre a cpl got singed by the supplier of their wedding card..
    You much woser now so hope your kenduri super ready.. Try rope in Aunty (Zari)na for wupervisory, she will be more than happy..
    SELAMAT BRBAHAGIA KE ANAK CUCU To you berdua - please eat our ration for us coz we heart people not making kenduri of any kind for sometime now. He piling weight w his tak pantang and me with being home bound!
    Love you and take care till the Happy and Blissful day!