Friday, 12 December 2014

#Tanahairku - National Pride Expressed Through Street Art

It's amazing how many stunning street art can be developed by referring to a poem by our Nobel Laureate, Usman Awang, entitled 'Tanahair' as inspiration. A reflection of our local talents' creativity, encompassing our country's diversity, strength, culture and heritage, the #Tanahairku Street Art exhibition proved very much satisfactory to my inner-artist's palette. The myriad of vibrant colours were just amazing.

The product of a collaboration between Petronas and 14 street artists, six new artworks have been developed and installed across Kuala Lumpur. Now, it's being showcased in the Galeri Petronas, KLCC.

"OMG! Cantiknyerr...take picture take picture!" *snap* *snap*

"Awesome background for selfies!" (Yes, my narcissistic side started to rear it's head. I'm awful at taking selfies by the way. Never comes out right)

"Wish they drew more on the riverside. Like in Seoul. You know...revive the city."

" Do they have a workshop? A piece of their work would look good on our wall."

"Gosh, that would look great on a tote!" ( A total Jeremy Scott-Longchamp influence)

The exhibition will remain at the Galeri Petronas until 4 January 2015. It's free of charge so it's a great way to spend any free time and weekends in the city. Do pay them a visit and see the street arts up close and personal.

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