Thursday, 31 December 2015

Looking forward to 2016

Soon we'll be greeting the new year. 2016 peeps. Wow!

You'd hear the usual " How time flies" and "Here's to a better year ahead" greetings. Of course, not forgetting friends and families sharing their achievements, or lack thereof, of their 2015 New Year resolutions and setting new ones for 2016. I too am one of those guilty for carrying forward a few of my own personal as well as those listed as HusbieWifey 2015 new year resolutions into 2016.

The year 2015 has been tough to most people I am sure. Especially with our country's current political and economical climate, one will surely have been affected one way or another. However, I will leave my personal views, distress, future hopes and everlasting love for my Malaysia another day. After all, my blog is not the appropriate forum to debate on the matter. I do, however, wish that things will improve a lot more for all of us this new year and that, we the Rakyat of Malaysia will be presented with more opportunities to increase our own ability to pave our own success on our own soil.

There are plusses for the year for all of us too I'm sure.

Bear in mind to have ups and downs are our lot in life.

For me personally, I would say I wish 2015 would have been better for me but nothing can change that. All I can do is learn from the experiences gained this year and try not to repeat them.

I look forward to 2016,with excitement and just a dash of anxiety. Cliche' as it sounds, "Here's hoping for an awesome 2016"...oh, and here's to crushing my enemies and seeing them quiver before me...LOL...NO NO...kidding...or was I?

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