Thursday, 3 December 2015

Welcome to the Family, Valorie!

Since I've come on home,
Well my body's been a mess
And I've missed your ginger hair
And the way you like to dress
Won't you come on over
Stop making a fool out of me
Why don't you come on over, Valerie?

Valerie [x3]

This was the song which ran through my mind as soon as I walked out of the boutique. Well, to be honest, just the chorus bit alone. Physically, I was swinging both our held hands and couldn't stop smiling away like what we Malays would term as "kerang busuk".

I absolutely am crazy for clutches. Once, right after our honeymoon, Husbie thought I could spare two of the three Indonesian Batik clutches I chose from one of the Batik factories in Bali for his mum and sister-in-law as he thought the Bali shirts we gave as souvenirs weren't enough. 

My response was a dead stare. No way!

Anyways, enough side-tracking.

Crazy for clutches. Some might easily dismiss it as impracticable or only reserve it for special events (Well, I'm partly guilty for the latter. Won't be doing this anymore as much). A clutch is an excellent and awesome way to spice up the wardrobe instantly without having something slinging on your shoulders and taking away the attention from you and your clothes. It can be worn with anything including jeans. 

Behold, say hello to my Valorie Rainbow!

Anya's Valorie is always an instant hint. A year or two ago, I remember holding one of them in my hands and contemplating between the multi-coloured, dark blue and black Valorie. In the end, I didn't purchase either. Only later, when I heard it ran out-of-stock, there was a twinge of regret in not purchasing it earlier on. Oh, nothing to worry about. Just a teeny-weeny bit of regret. Though they were beautiful, they didn't exactly stopped me in my tracks. Unlike this Valorie Rainbow.

We knew that Anya was having a 50% storewide sale so we intended to just pass by and view their collection from afar. Zero intention of buying anything. The moment we passed by their window display in Pavi, I had to back-track. Even Husbie, who usually prefers the classic look and designs, couldn't deny that this is one piece that I must absolutely get. 

Hell yeah!!!

Before this, the only 'near-funky'/fun design bit in my bag/clutch collection is my Anya Valentine clutch which he gave as part of the hantaran for our akad nikah, with my initials and the date of our akad nikah engraved in it. My most 'favourite-test' of them all. Yes, not enough with stating it as the 'most', must add the "est" in my expressions too. Still is my ultimate fave and forever will be.

Next to it, will be my new Valorie Rainbow. Just a dash of "fun" with elegance and class. Arghhhh...just writing about it makes my heart go "dup-dap". Hahah!

For all those other Anya fans out there, you better get it fast. It's not on sale but I heard other regular customers have booked it in the hopes of buying it later at a discount or maybe buying them later with their next paycheck. Don't know how that would work. Don't think you can pre-book and wait for a discount. By then, it would have all flown off the shelves, even at full price. 

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