Sunday, 20 November 2011

Busy Busy Busy...

Now that the event at work is done and things have generally sort of simmered down, it's time for me to get down and dirty in organising things at home. Dishes and laundry have been piling up, clothes need to get out of the suitcase and into my wardobe, most of my things are still in boxes...I'm down to my last bra...and LV is still sick. I have not bought a new clothesline to replace the broken one so we have to make do and hang our laundry anywhere we can...Brought LV to the vet this morning, doc said he's better but not out of the woods yet...

For now, we've ordered Domino's for lunch and I'm enjoying "Secret Garden" on Channel 393...yes, I AM A KOREAN SOAP ENTHUSIAST!!! Hahahah..

p.s. Considering whether I should attend the meet and greet session with the "Scent of a Woman" casts. Lee Dong Wook is super hawwwttt... (he's just a year older than thinks a perfect match???) hahahah


  1. Doc suspect it's an internal ear infection. But we have to tackle one issue at a time. For now, he is rather weak and constipated. After Sunday's visit, the doc declared he has improved whereby he was not as wobbly as before and that he is not as constipated as before. I am to continue with his antibiotics and meds. The slight fever he has is rather suspicious but I am hoping for the best.

    My theory is that he will be the strongest among the pack when he grows bigger. I remember Hiro usually being sick when he was little but look at him tough!

    Hoping for the best...