Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Paaaaaaaiiiiinnnnn!!!

I think I have to go back to the clinic at my office tomorrow to ask for a referral to another private clinic or hospital. First, I have to come in tomorrow and check with our office policy.

The doc's current pain meds is not working and I am in terrible pain. Never thought the pain from a sprain can be so lingering. Feels like hot needles have been poked in my right ankle. Though the right side of my right ankle is the main affected area, it feels like the pain is spreading and creeping to my toes and to my whole ankle. I cannot sleep and whenever I try to, I end up waking up screaming and patting my ankle.

Oh eemmmm geeeeeee!!! Think happy thoughts...HAPPY THOUGHTTTSSS... Aaaarrrghhhh!!!

1 comment:

  1. Ya Allah..I wish I was nearby to help you..kesian you. Bubuh koyop for the time being..