Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Johor Day Trip

Watching the coronation the other day, can't help recall my first visit to Johor was almost 20 years ago. Back then it was because I was offered a place in STF, where I only lasted for a few months, before I decided to come back to KL. 

So, recently, when one of my working trips required me to go down to Johor, I was not expecting how much Johor has changed. Definitely progress is good and Johor is developing for the better. International schools being set up in the State, many major, modern and high-classed developments underway and a dramatic increase in the hustle and bustle of Johor (don't think the jams are plus points though. Something unavoidable for the sake of progress).

Throughout my day trip, Husbie forwarded screen shots of his kakao chats with his ASAS gang...

"Apa makanan best boleh beli tapau kalau singgah muar?"

"Mee bandung, mee rebus, yong tau foo goreng, asam pedas"

"Lontong, sambal goreng jawa"

"Murtabak singapore, apam balik, kopi 434"

"Kadang2 ada orang jual kupang tepi jalan..murah jugak...balik rebus atau buat sambal best"

Haiz, untuk tekak suami, anything.

Only thing is...there are no R&Rs or pit stops along Muar. In order to sample such fares, I would have to drag my bosses and drive into Muar town itself. So scratch that, just borong at one of the R&Rs. Lady boss belanja...borong buah and macam-macam jajan. I, however, managed to tapau one packet of mee bandung for Husbie. 

Ok larr time yer cayang!

Mee Bandung, too pedas for Husbie to handle.

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