Thursday, 12 March 2015


Husbie and I love Japanese food. I'm thankful he's not the type yang memilih or picky with his food so lagi senang nak try itu ini.

Kebetulan kat KLCC hari tu, teringin pulak nak makan Japanese for dinner. Masuk Kedai X nih. Tak pernah try pun tapi pernah baca blog, blogger nih kata best. Frust! Masuk - masuk dia terus direct seat right in front of the entrance. Belakang seat suami pulak penuh ngan baby chairs. Tengok ada ajer seat kat dalam and no 'RESERVED' signs. 

"Miss, may we have seats inside? I see there are empty tables there. Sumore, here panas. Tak rasa aircond."

"Dalam also panas. (Muka muncung walked off)"

Tempeleng kang! (Dalam hati). Kalau malas no need. I know dah petang but the usual dinner crowd time nih aper...Panasssss (panas badan and hati)...

So I sat quietly at the table...redha ajer la...flipping the menu with dissatisfaction.

"Dah, dah. Kalau you dah macam nih, we better leave. Tak best kang makan."

"Yerla. If nak show us to the table pun malas what will it say about their food service!"

So we walked off...I perasan minah waitress and cashier mata terbeliak kejut. Well, you taknak layan elok-elok we jalan dulu. We're paying good money for good food and service.


No regrets! Never tried it before but service and ambience semua bagus and paling penting, tak panas and no minah or mamat jebek-jebek. Dia takder bento but sashimis, makis etc semua fresh and sedap! Their green tea wheat soba comes in a huge bowl of ice to retain my cold soba throughout. It was yummy and a nice experience, felt like I was eating off a small boat! Heheh...

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