Monday, 9 March 2015

The 'Slaughterhouse'

So one day after facial, alang-alang dah dekat, we decided to visit the new Jakel building. It was so hot during the day, nasib baik didn't ruin all my beautician's efforts. We parked at the usual place...since we weren't sure where the new building was. So it was quite a walk to make our way there. Hari tu time pasar Jalan TAR, lagi lar you feel the heat.

Sampai-sampai ajer, WOW! Besarnya! According to Husbie, the new location was formerly an empty site so to think they built it from ground up means business is really good. The new building even has its own parking so sesiapa nak datang you can park at their allotted space. They suggested masuk ikut Cap Square lagi senang. It was also on that same day, I discovered one of their strategic arsenals... What is it?


We sampai-sampai ajer baru start Happy Hour. What is Happy Hour? It's where they drop their prices so low it's impossible not to buy their fabrics! It's at selected sections of their building at a selected time and for just 10 minutes! They will have it on Fridays to Sundays, at no specific time. Biler ramai orang ajer they will have it. So you won't even have time to browse or think twice. Ambik ajer yang mana suka! I almost skipped it to naik atas but Husbie suruh give it a go. Seriously, lagi muka merah berpeluh. Sepasang kain silk berbatu RM189 jadi RM50, washable silk RM88 junam jadi RM50. 

So much for just looking and checking out the new place.

I came out with 6 pasang, nanti hantar jahit buat baju kurung and baju kurung modern for work. At one point, I nak gelak time-time the racks kena serbu, this one dude (teman wife dia kot) siap terpegun kat tengah-tengah jalan screaming "Ya Allah! Ya Allah!". Don't underestimate your wife's behaviour masa crazy sales k! The smart ones stand aside and watch the show, including my Husbie. Ajak terjah the crowd to have a closer look dia tak mo, so aper lagi, I bring the batang kain terus to him. Amek kau!

After paying for my merchandise at the counter and thanking my personal salesgirl, we continued upstairs with out initial mission to survey kain raya. Lagi cantik whoaaa!

"Ooooh, cantik pusat penyembelihan (suami) sekarang. Tak tau pulak diaorang dah buat pusat penyembelihan macam nih" ("Ohhh, such a nice 'slaughterhouse' (for husbands). Didn't know they have these kind of slaughterhouses these days")

Husbie ingat I tak dengar dia ngomel sorang-sorang. Biler letak dalam FB baru dia tau how observant his wife is.

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