Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Always a Brit at Heart

I can't seem to stay away from Anya Hindmarch. Same goes for the Hubs. 

If we go about in the shopping malls or we go window shopping or even where my supposed 'heart ache' needs to be mended with a new handbag or clutch, our feet takes us to Anya. 

Haiz...and this comes after me telling Husbie that I would like to go for brands other than Anya for my next birthday/anniversary/other special occasions. I've been eyeing another Brit designer since early this year (not available in Malaysia as yet) and I am hoping to grab one of her bags soon. For now, back to Anya.

We always find that Anya's designs can range between bespoke classics and those from the funky side. Of course the Hubs prefer the classic looks. In my case, I can go both ways. I don't mind the classic designs being that it is timeless and easily matched with other outfits. If I ever want to be a bit playful, I can always get the Anya stickers but I find that I'm always reluctant to do that. The bag is nice as it is. Better to get the already embossed designs/stickers on the bags.

Loving the shade of red for this Bathurst Satchel.  It reminds me of chillies. Not too bright and has a bit of a red darkish side. What's even more special is that Anya's signature is on the bag. For now, it's safely tucked in my closet until the rainy season eases off. Wouldn't want the suede in the bag to get ruined now, would we?

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