Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It's Hard to Part Ways

I just had to write this post and publish it today. Deviating a bit from my usual "Happy Jar" focus. I think so far, maybe twice I've written with an angry or somber undertone. Today's post will be a mixture of happiness, feeling blessed, sadness and anger all at the same time.

For those close to me, two of my cats gave birth to kittens totalling to 8 little furries, all male except for one. Husbie wants to keep one so I had advertised on my FB since July for the seven for those interested. With help of friends and my own screening process, we allocated them to lovely homes and loving owners. Alhamdulillah.

This picture where Husbie was holding the Ginger bou-cats sealed the deal. I was relieved cos' I had many queries about the others but very slow response to the Gingers. 

Below is a picture of Aswad, one of the earliest to be adopted. I don't advertise the breed mixture on FB due to concerns that some may just adopt those which are assumed more special than others. I don't charge money either as I believe that a life is not to be sold. My only condition is that one can commit to taking care of it whole heartedly.

Below is a picture of what the new family has called "Blackie". The only female among the lot.

It was hard for me to part ways with all of them but with baby planning on the way and studying part time as well as taking care of household chores, I know I will not be able to manage.

This is Yoda in his new cat bed at his new place. He was the earliest to be adopted.

Same goes for Yogi, the earliest to be adopted.

What grinds me was the update on Yoda and Yogi I received this morning. To cut the story short, though the owners suspect it was the doing of other bigger animals, I am of the view that it is someone sadistic living nearby. Both Yoda and Yogi were found dead, bleeding with scratches and cuts this morning. The new owners and I are of course devastated.  The funny thing was the cage they were kept in was neatly opened and shut. No noise whatsoever, no messed up areas near the cage. The other cats in the cage next to theirs were not even messed about. It was as though they were marked. Thinking how afraid they were at their last moments makes me want to go find the culprit and kick him/her/them in the teeth! Cruel cruel just plain cruel! You will get yours soon!

I warned the owners that they better bring in the other cats into the house today. Whomever might just come back for a source to vent their sadistic nature.

R.I.P. Yoda and Yogi. 

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