Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Vanilla Sky - Laksa Sarawak

It was one of those hectic Fridays at work where generally my appetite had gone out the window and the Hubs had to forced me to have lunch. Yes, forced, I kid you not. If not for lunch, we wouldn't be able to have any sit-down meal together that day as in the evening he had a corporate-do he had to attend to.

I couldn't go far from the office and so did he. So, we opted for this new place he heard about, Vanilla Sky, located at G-residence, one of my "dream-to-own" properties. Supposedly famous for their Laksa Sarawak.

I totally fell in love with the ambience. Love, love, love, but Husbie still had to ask me to put down my phone and "take-a-break" from work. Just focus on having lunch with him. Anyways, getting sidetracked here. I absolutely adore the decor and colourful walls. It does give life to the restaurant. Worth the break time. Definitely worked in calming my nerves.

To bring some Sarawak flair to the restaurant, they even have a dedicated corner for tribal masks.

Now, on to the good stuff. Their Laksa Sarawak. I've had Laksa Sarawak three times in my lifetime. The first time was from my Sarawakian Aunty's cooking for raya many years back. The second was during my visit in Sarawak where I got dissapointed, maybe cos' I went to the wrong place or something. The third was again during Raya a few years back at a friend's.

For this, I must say it is pleasantly good. Enough of the trimmings without the thought "Aiyoo, so kedekut one!". The mihun was nicely cooked. The gravy...goodness gracious, NYUMSS! Add some sambal to your liking and walla...PERFECT! I didn't even waste any on my white blouse...must have slurped the whole bowl without any spills. 

If Laksa Sarawak or any kind of Laksa was never your thing, they have other options too. Their lunch promo looks interesting and I see the girls next to my table ordering some of it. They left earlier and I saw that their plates were clean. Definitely a good sign.

Oh, and another plus to their many plusses. See that painting at the corner there? The one where the dude is dressed up in a dress (my fave painting in Vanilla Sky by the way)? If you go further in, you can see that the walls are decorated all the way up to the washroom. Here's the plus, their washrooms are super clean and well managed. I can see no probs in having long girly seshs here.

If you ever want to sample a fusion of Borneo fare or any other comfort food with local flavours, then this is the place to be. The address of Vanilla Sky and opening hours are as follows:

G10 G Village Desa Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Mon-Sat- 9.30 a.m. - 9.30 p.m.. Closed on Sundays.

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