Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Nightmare of all Laundry Nightmares!

So, never in my laundry days, have I ever been so worried.

A few days prior to the 'incident',  I soaked some clothes that needed to be handwashed. This was after Hubs told me he will hang it to dry. Two days passed by and in the end, the chore was handed over to me. In that bucket were my baju kurung and floral blouses. Note that my clothes have a white base to it. There were also Husbie's work shirts in different hues of blues and the sin of it all, his red Manchester jersey, the special edition and sold out in minutes kind.

For those familiar with laundry do's and don'ts, you guessed right, there is the dreaded colour run incident. The funny thing is my baju kurung, blouses, his jersey and his workshirts weren't affected except for one.

For two straight days I tried all manner of methods to try and get the pink blotches out. I wasn't about to give up on his work shirt. I googled and browsed blogs. Tried soaking it in warm water with lemon. Tried Vanish with detergent. I read about Dylon S.O.S Colour Run but couldn't find it at the usual supermarkets like Tesco, Cold Storage, Jaya Grocer and Giant. Then I decided to drag Husbie to the closest grocers where I think the mat sallehs or expats would likely to venture. Struck gold at Hock Choon's! Thank God!!!

Results not guaranteed. I gradually tried using the detergent and soaking the work shirt in different temperatures. From tepid to warm, and after, even warmer water. Though it didn't exactly remove the pink blotches, it did  however make them pale considerably. Maybe after a few more washings the pink blotches will disappear totally and life would be all rosy again. 

I definitely will be stocking up on Dylon S.O.S. Colour Run for laundry emergencies from now on.

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