Sunday, 22 November 2015

Valiram Sale

A few weeks back, Matt invited me and the Hubs to a Valiram sale. I had nothing specific in mind but wouldn't skip a good deal for sure. Once in the showroom, we browsed through the promotion and found many good deals.

Got my first Kate Spade there. Been to their boutiques and even viewed their latest collection as well as the sales when were in HK but somehow I always decided to opt for another. 

There was this huge black leather tote that was on very good offer, so good that you won't believe how much I saved on it, and I've been using it for work ever since. I don't recommend it but it's huge enough to tuck in some of my books or my laptop instead of lugging my bag pack or briefcase around. I don't do it often. I wouldn't want to ruin the bag. It has however, become one of my 'lasak' or casual bags. 

Since we were already there, thought of scoring on one of Kate Spade's flamingo designs. Found out it was sold out on the first day of their sale. Waaaah...economy not so good people can shop like mad ar? Well, I remember the couple behind me, either she was stocking up for her family or boutique, or she and hubs are cray cray.

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