Monday, 24 October 2011

Oh noooooeeesssss...

Last Thursday, I had to drop everything and anything I was doing and rush home, through the peak hour evening jam. LV was seriously sick. At 630'ish, my usual vet had closed shop. Due to the urgent condition, I had to bring him to the one closest to home. Poor LV, I could see he was in pain. I was crying the whole way to the vet. At four months old, I couldn't bear if anything untoward happens...

At the vet, the doctor tried to take his blood three times but failed. Poor LV, had to have his fur on his legs shaven off for nothing...Doc suspected something neurological, maybe due to some sort of trauma or being poisoned in some way. At this stage, I called home and my dad suspected he may have been bitten by a centipede.

The next day, I took some time-off from work in the morning to bring LV to my usual vet. After a sleepless night, Dr Dilip was my saviour! He's amazing I tell you...anyways, yeah, LV's urinary tract was blocked. So LV is definitely in pain. I went home with instructions to monitor his litter habits within 24 hours and his energy level for the next three days.

As of 23 Oct 2011: He's much better, thank you! LV, mummy loves you so no more scares okies? Dr Dilip, thank you soooo much!!!

One of LV's early pics..he was so cute sleeping against his food bowl

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  1. Awwwhh...Comelnyerr!*tears*
    So happy dia dah okay...kesian dia.