Friday, 30 December 2011

Nasib Si Blackie

Today was an awesome day well spent with Boyfie. However, the day ended with me thinking of the fate of a certain black kitten we saw in the middle of the road on our way home, fearing for its life, at the junction between the exit of One Utama New Wing and Bandar Utama. The cars were kind enough to drive slow and avoid it. It seemed disorientated and lost...

Both Boyfie and I pitied the kitten. It didn't look like your average street kitten. More of mixed with persian. I doakan if it's lost, somebody or its mother would have found it. Boyfie was driving and couldn't stop the car as there were many others behind us. Even if we stopped, with my banged up ankle, I wouldn't be able to help in giving chase to the kitty which most likely is scared of its strange environment.

I'm still thinking of Si Blackie. Can't sleep. May the kitty find its way home safely. For tonight, via FB, I've appealed to the Kucing and Anjing Jalanan Community to post an alert on their wall and ask nearby residents to keep a look out and if possible, pick it up and offer safety. That's the best I can do for now.

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