Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!! Purge, Declutter and Spring Clean!!! Welcome 2012!

Today, the idea was to start off with a mammogram to welcome the new year since my gym's joining fee was waived and in its place I was given a voucher for the mammo. sent me home ok? I didn't know that mammo's are for those above 40! What the heck...I'm gonna tell off my gym! They told me it was OK!!!

Then came back home and started on my mountain of laundry, specifically those that can be machine washed. Those which need to be hand washed have to wait. Nonetheless, I do intend to tackle it sikit-sikit in time to usher a fresh and clean start of 2012. Going up and down the stairs to bring my laundry itself already took a toll on my foot. So, instead of beginning to purge..I took an afternoon nap instead. Bliss!!! I feel like one of my cats purring while sleeping.

Only now, at precisely 10 p.m., I'm able to focus on decluttering my very messy room. During such occasions, I thank Oprah (THE woman behind all good things), Nate Berkus (tips on designing your room and maximising space) and especially Peter Walsh for their tips in decluttering (Purge, purge, purge). For tips, you can refer to the link below. Very useful. To know more on decluttering, you can also visit Peter Walsh's site.

From Oprah's shows in the past, I've learnt not to overwhelm myself in organising and decluttering. If you find the chore too daunting, do one room at a time. And most useful of all is Peter Walsh's BIN system in helping you purge those things not needed. Sort things between those which you are using and don't need anymore. You will feel free and breath easily! Another key aspect is to be tough and quick to decide in purging. No point in holding to clothes that don't fit you anymore. He also points out that by decluttering, you will also in effect declutter emotionally. I, myself, find decluttering very therapeutic. Issue right now though is that it takes more time with my injured ankle.

I also go crazy over storage collections by The Container Store. Once I told Boyfie that if we ever manage to visit US one day, The Container Store must be our first stop!!! Boroooonnnggg...See for yourself!

Off to declutter!!! See you next year!!! Hello 2012!!!

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  1. Happy New Year 2012!
    May Allah SWT bless us all with long lives, more wonderful health, increased happiness and success.
    May Allah SWT protect us all from harm and whatever unsafe.
    And may our bakul amalan and iman start to become heavier too..Ameen.

    Love your postings..beginning to get more delightful than ever.